Established in 2010, Shin Work Technology specializes in creating computer graphics for video games and is 
committed to innovation in the field of high-end digital arts and entertainment. We have helped developed 
some of the most popular games in Taiwan with our partners, including titles such as Sango Online, Fantasy 
Saga Online, Xuanyuan Sword Online, Runes of Magic Online, Wind Fantasy Online, and Star City Online. 
We provide our partners with excellent products and services because we focus on delivering reliable 
quality—and we always keep up with the latest advances in technology to enhance the visual quality of our 
products. We also frequently work with internationally renowned companies to enhance the quality of our 
products. We believe that creating thriving business partnerships is based on providing sincere service, 
competitively-priced products, and maintaining a high level of professionalism at all times.

We Offer Better Quality at Competitive price

To meet the requirements of an increasingly competitive market, we strive to develop products using the most 
advanced technology and provide artistic work that is a cut above the rest. Our employees regularly travel 
abroad to acquire the latest technologies and know-how, and we always ensure that our products are 
attractively priced to deliver greater value to our partners.
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